Требуется Chief of accountant in well-known foreign company. в Москве

Бухгалтерский, управленческий и производственный учет


Торговля и сбыт товаров промышленного назначенияМосква

Дата публикации вакансии 11 июня 2009

Уровень зарплаты

от 234 000 Р в месяц

Занятость: полная занятость

График работы: пятидневка

Опыт: от 1 года

Функции: European company, known world-wide, existent from 80th, one of the leaders in the retail sales of sportive equipment and clothes through their chain of hypermarkets. In cooperation with French Recruiting Agency RH PARTNERS currently they are looking for courageous and talented candidates for the newly opened position: Chief of accountant in well-known foreign company. JOB DUTIES: • Maintain the accounting database and ensure its reliability; • Archive retail-related accounting information; • Apply Group and local accounting standards and methods; • Using the monthly road-book, analyze and validate all of the cycles within your sphere of activity; • Establish bank reconciliation reports; • Calculate and analyze store’s shrinkage; • Issue finalized reports on time, including P&L accounts, that correspond to the needs of each user; • Choose, analyze and manage relevant economic indicators. Controlling and managing employee’s duties, such as: • Coordination Store and Warehouse Managers, Security and Operations Managers and Customer Services Receptionists with feedback on all of the accounting cycles and notify on the indicators of their activity; advocate and bring action plans into force; • Carrying out inter-companies; • Managing the fixed assets within your sphere of activity; • Producing the economic accounts for my sphere of activity; • Recording and controlling payroll entries; • Issue the tax and other legal returns for site; • Prod

Требования: SKILLS TO DEVELOP: • Straight cooperation with the Finance Director of the company; • Collecting and checking exhaustively and reliability of accounting data prior to processing; • Archiving retail-related accounting information; • Controlling, analyzing and validating the totality of cycles on schedule through the monthly road-book; • Establishing bank reconciliation reports – C5 cycle of the road-book; • Calculating and analyzing store’s shrinkage – acting to contribute to its decrease • Issuing finalized reports on time; • Providing feedback on accounting information and notifying; • Carrying out intercos; • Managing fixed assets – C1 cycle of the road-book ; • Producing the economic accounts for my sphere of activity – C12 cycle of the road-book ; • Recording, controlling and validating payroll entries – C10 cycle of the road-book. SKILLS REQUIRED: • Fluent English or/and French is necessary; • Having finished high education in accounting and /or finance( experience with GAAP, IFRS and SAP); • Experience in big audit / consulting company; • 8-10 years of experience as accountant, last 3-5 years as chief of accountancy at least; • Practice sport and having passion about it ( competition ); • Readiness and willingness to spend 1 , 2 or 3 years in France on the Expat contract after assistance at least 2 years in Moscow; • Having willingness and ability to evaluate to be Financial Director quickly in another country; • Being stable

Дополнительная информация:
If you would like your Candidature to be treated in priority, please answer shortly to the fallowing questions in your Cover Letter: 1) If you are passionate about the sport, which one is it? 2) What are your preferences in making your career: being promoted within the same company or changing for the bigger and better paid company? 3) Do you find the potential in yourself for being Financial Director in the future, or you prefer to develop you career as a Chief of Accountancy?

Адрес рабочего места: Россия, Москва

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